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Screen-Time Addiction/Virtual Addictions

Technology has become an essential part of our world, and it’s easy to see the benefits. However, technology has evolved faster than we have, and this has caused some unintended, often overlooked consequences.

Virtual addiction means being addicted to such things as video games, TV, computers, pornography, and phones. Although these may seem inconsequential, they can be just as damaging as addictions to alcohol, drugs, and gambling.

Just like substance addiction, virtual addictions can have serious consequences. A phone addiction can lead to using a phone while driving, a decision that can cost lives. It can also lead to neglecting family, friends, and other responsibilities. It can even lead to a decreased ability to develop relationships in the real world.

Although addiction therapy can be started at any stage, it’s best to seek counseling as early as possible. Addiction is treatable, and starting therapy early will help reduce the chances of irreversible effects.

At You and Me Forever, we never try to pressure anyone into seeking therapy, so, if we are asked to help a family intervene with a loved one, we will do it in the least confrontational way possible.

Virtual addiction, just like any other addiction, affects more people than just the person addicted. We often support our individual sessions with group ones, to address how the addiction has affected everyone. After an issue has been worked through individually, group sessions help address how it has affected others. With our trained counselors supporting the whole family – strengthening and reforming bonds that may have been damaged by the addiction – your family can grow and become stronger through the process of recovery.