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Transition Therapy

Everyone goes through changes in their life, and life transitions can be difficult to deal with. However, change is, to some degree, good for our physical body, mental strength, and capacity to manage stress. But a stressful transition shouldn’t completely take over someone’s life.

Life transitions and changes in general can be thrown at us from different directions. For adults, some of the transitions may include moving into a new area, starting or leaving a relationship, parenting for the first time, or changing careers. For children and adolescents, their transitions may include losing a parent, their parents getting divorced or remarried, blended families, new siblings, and moving to new areas.

It is easier for some people to adapt to change than it is for others. Some people may struggle to cope with a transition despite having a large support network of family and friends. Others struggle to navigate a transition because they have a small or non-existent support network. At You and Me Forever, we are here to help individuals, couples, and families struggling with the transitions life throws at them.

Transition therapy can help you adapt to your new way of living, reduce stress, and enable you to feel like yourself again. It is best to seek help from a counselor who has specific experience with the transition you may be struggling with. For example, a person having trouble dealing with a new relationship might seek a marriage counselor; a parent worried about the birth of a child might go to a family counselor; and a refugee or recent immigrant could benefit from a therapist who was once in those situations. You and Me Forever can point you in the right direction to solve these challenges, ensure you get the right help, and empower you to regain your life.