About Us

At You and Me Forever, we offer individuals and groups a supportive, comfortable environment in which to discuss and address paths to greater marital happiness. Our highly trained counselors can sensitively deal with issues in a non-confrontational way, supporting you on your relationship’s path to improvement and success. We offer our services on a group and individual basis, depending on the issues raised. Sometimes, one type of therapy will be supported by the other.

The types of therapy we offer at You and Me Forever:

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is something that can be offered to couples, no matter what stage they’re at in their relationship: it can be offered to couples before marriage, during marriage, during divorce, and even after divorce. We are pleased that couples who engage in pre-marriage counseling report a higher happiness rating because they understand and resolve many differences before marriage; but we also recognize that this is not something all couples get the chance to do. Therefore, we also support couples as they discover differences during marriage, negotiate conflicting expectations, and support couples who want to healthily navigate through a divorce and custody issues.

Screen-Time Addiction/Virtual Addiction

Technology has benefitted the world in some amazing ways, but it has developed in a relatively small amount of time, perhaps quicker than we have had time to develop ourselves. One unintended consequence of this is that some people have become as addicted to using their technology (phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, videogames, and pornography) as some people get addicted to drugs and alcohol. These are no less serious addictions and need treating with as much sensitivity as substance addiction. In doing so, we can work with individuals, spouses, and children in individual, couples and family sessions.

Transition Therapy

Transition therapy focuses on helping individuals, couples, and families adjust to life changes. This may need to be sought out after an individual has trouble adjusting to new lifestyles, new environments, or other life changes. Everyone needs time to adjust to life’s changes, but when these transitions get in the way of everyday life, or these challenges persist over longer periods of time, help may be needed resolve the issues. Transition therapy can help children, adolescents and adults adjustment and better cope with any issues caused by life’s changes.

Adjustment Therapy

A person may be found to be suffering from an adjustment disorder if it has taken them a long time to adjust to any lifestyle changes or if those changes in lifestyle have caused an adverse negative reaction. An adjustment disorder is sometimes known as situational depression and is diagnosed after an abnormal reaction to a change. At You and Me Forever, we want to help you find the challenges that are stopping you from moving forward so you can address them and rebuild a healthy, happy life.